Asian Style  
stripe decor

                                Asian Style

Genuine Honduran Mahogany with ebony diamond shaped pins. Black pencil thin inlays in grill crossmembers



Customer's Comments -

We could not be more pleased with the speakers Keith created for our living room. The sound of the speakers is just wonderful; Keith took the mystery and confusion out of our search for new speakers, and we use them everyday at different sound levels for different kinds of music, we are delighted with what we hear. Keith seeks out beautiful hardwoods, and the handcrafted cabinets he made for our speakers are beautiful mahogany with gorgeous grain, and the style fits perfectly with the style of our house. We did not want to have "normal" speakers out in the room, from an aesthetic point of view, and these speakers , which are handsome pieces of furniture, completely removed this consideration. And, because the sound is so spectacular, whether at low or higher levels, we find we listen to music more frequently and with greater enjoyment. We had been looking for new speakers and had read about Keith but had not yet sought him out, and when we discovered that he had made his way to our area our search for beautiful speakers with terrific sound was finally over - a happy ending for us. We are more than pleased to recommend Keith's expertise, artistry and craftsmanship.

Bill & Laura

(last name withheld)